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Are Mental Healthers addicted to anything?

We are addicted to our own negative, toxic thought patterns & behaviors and therefore powerless over them. Whether we have a diagnosis or not, take psychiatric medication or not, we are perpetually sad, angry, or fearful; we can be dependent on drugs and alcohol, highly productive or unproductive, extremely social or completely isolated, experience other addictions like work, gambling, or sex. We focus primarily on negative outcomes, “what if”, and “what could be”. We have low boundaries in our relationships and are confused about what is healthy and what is not. When we first come into this program, we don’t understand that our thoughts drive our behaviors which is why we always feel so low and out of sorts.

What is the solution?

In Mental Health Anonymous, we believe that our Higher Power is the solution to all our problems. By turning our will and life over to God (Higher Power), we can experience a spiritual awakening that can free us from our own perpetual negativity. We don’t have to suffer alone or in silence anymore, We have groups of like-minded individuals from all backgrounds who come together with a common goal. And that goal is to be free of their “mental illness”, to live a life of love and gratitude, to live in the solution, and to ultimately help others do the same. If this sounds appealing to you, please read on.


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“I was going through so much in my personal life three weeks before I found MHA. I knew there were other people that were going through what I was going through but didn’t have the courage to push myself to go try out a meeting. Finally one night I did, and ever since joining an MHA meeting I felt like I connected to others that understood me without feeling the pure judgment that most would give off. Going to the MHA meeting was the best decision for me because now I don’t feel alone.”