Torah Thoughts

Torah Thoughts & Mental Health is a discussion based on Torah thoughts, principles, and our mental health recovery. We have knowledgeable speakers come on and share for 15-20 minutes on a Torah Thoughts Concept with a group discussion afterwards and is open to all. If you would like to be a speaker, please contact us here.

Every Tuesday at 8:30 PM BezH Live on Youtube, Instagram, and Zoom! – Connecting Torah and Mental Health
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2021-12/7: Claudine B, Insights into the Parsha Vayigash (no recording)
Shterna Sara S, Healing Your Body Through the 7 Middos,
2021-12/21: Claudine B, Insights into the Parsha Shemos,
2021-1/4: Tanya with Rivka B, “How to Recognize Our Strengths When We Have Challenges”,