The Case Against Psychiatric Medication

Written by Ronitte N.

Is there an actual brain scan for mental illness?

Currently there is not. If someone is diagnosed with a mental illness and they ask the doctor to give them proof, he or she won’t be able to. The doctors would have determined they had a mental illness based on yes or no questions and feelings that were provided but in no way do they know scientifically the person has X.

This is unlike diabetes as the drug companies like to promote where there is an actual test that measures someone’s insulin levels.

When a person is prescribed a psychiatric drug and they take it, the drug effects will lower or raise their neurotransmitter levels depending on what they were diagnosed with and that is how they start developing the chronic symptoms the doctors said they had in the beginning.

It can be extremely hard to get off the drug and if the person gets off suddenly, it can cause a dangerous episode.

Mental Health Anonymous believes in homeopathic remedies like exercise, support groups, special diets, friends, loved ones, and Higher Power. These are remedies that will lower or decrease your brain chemistry not artificially but naturally. As God intended…

There are no dues or fees to join, just the willingness to live your life free from any type of mind or mood altering substance.

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