My Step One

Written by Ronitte Novick

I don’t know if anyone here knows my story but here it goes:

My brother was told he had depression when he was 13. My mother took him to a therapist and then a psychiatrist who prescribed him Zoloft. He did not want to take it. Not backing down, my mother and the doctors proceeded to try to convince my brother why he needed it. So he took it. At one point, he stopped taking the medication. This made my mother mad.

Fast forward a couple years and he is 17, living with my mom. They got into an argument and my mother called the cops on my brother and got him committed to a psych ward. There, they gave him heavy doses of anti-psychotics (thought my brother was depressed not psychotic?), and kept him there for a month.

Once my brother got out of the psych ward, he was not the same person. Having been in the hospital for a month and on heavy medication and only 17 years old, he didn’t know where to turn. His mother seemed convinced he was crazy and he had no other support.

Sadly, this story happens way more times than we think. There are cases of teenagers being committed to psych wards for “depression” or some other type of “mental illness” every day and it is based on the opinion of doctors not on the child’s actual brain scan (there IS NO brain scan for mental illness). So, it is based on opinion and hypothesis. Every day, lives are being ruined because kids are being put on dangerous drugs that are harmful and can tranquilize a horse. But, given to human beings to “calm them down” (probably from being so upset they were involuntarily committed?) Most of the time, the person does not choose to go to the psych ward; someone commits them and if they are under 18, they can go against their will.

Now, we are much more aware of the harmful “side effects” of these drugs (which are basically effects if you ask me- like stroke, depression, suicide, psychosis, death). Just listen to the commercials on TV! This drug may cause……….. and the list goes on and on. Why do we choose to ignore that? That is worse than what the person is being put on it for in the first place. And the fact that an anti psychotic can CAUSE psychosis (from the withdrawal- just like a drug that you withdraw from causes the opposite effect), many people with DEPRESSION are put on ant- psychotics and now they have psychosis. That is what happened to my brother. But don’t think an anti depressant is any better! Those can cause suicide.

So do yourself and everyone else a favor, society as a whole, and don’t put your children on harmful drugs to “help” them “for their own benefit”. It does not work and makes the situation a million times worse.

Fresh air, growing up, lack of abuse, and other things can calm an otherwise tense situation. Use natural resources to help your children like exercise, yoga, or meditation. Don’t cause your child to be another victim of the drug companies.

This is also why I created the group Mental Health Anonymous, where people can talk about their mental health in a safe place without the fear of being judged, committed, or scrutinized, and gather the support of others like in a typical 12 step group, a place where your thoughts are private and respected and where you actually get help for difficult thoughts. Any type of diagnosable or undiagnosable mental illness is welcome to talk about. Glad you’re here! Keep coming back!

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